Kidnapped Honeymoon


As Jessica tries to catch her breath, she wonders how she could go from her honeymoon suite to being kidnapped, blindfolded and tied to the bed of a mob boss named Victor, and how she will ever save her husband.

Does she even want to save him? After all, she just found out he’s not the man she thought he was everything about him that she loved is a lie.  But could she just walk away, knowing it would probably mean a bullet in his head?

And why had her body just betrayed her with a man that just had her kidnapped?  How could  Victor give me pleasures like no other man before, and why do I want more?  I haven’t even seen his damn face, what is wrong with me?

Could I possibly take him up on his proposition to save my husband, without willingly giving him everything he desired?  Hell, I desire!  What about my marriage?