Kidnapped Proposal


Even though Leanne’s father killed himself over a year ago his gambling debt to the Delvinci mob still threatened what family he had left behind.

Leanne has been a mother, father and older sister to Denise since her mom left when she was just 14, but the meager monthly payment she made to the Delvinci mob, was no longer enough, and they were demanding payment in full or the blood of  her sister.

Where was her mystery knight in shining armor who always seemed to help out when her dad hit bottom and had the family in trouble when she was growing up?  When things looked their bleakest, and she thought her dad would be killed for not paying a gambling debt, just enough money would mysteriously show up to save him.

She felt like she was living in a fairy tail back then, where the evil mob would threaten her family, and a white knight would ride in to save the day. But she was no longer a child, and this was no fairy tail and the threat to kill her and her sister was real.

She was out of options, but could she live with herself if she agreed to the Delvinci son’s proposal that would pay off her dad’s debt to his brother?     She would need to give up on all her dreams of real love and be no better than a prostitute, but what choice did she have, she had to protect Denise.