Sharing The Professor's Wife

Sharing The Professors Wife

Sharing the Prof's Wife_cov-4

32 year old college Professor Brandon Landry and his gorgeous and sexy 26 year old wife Alexis had everything.  Beautiful home, great marriage and an explosive sex life, plus they were deeply in love with each other.

Their love for each other was so secure, and their desire for more and more mind blowing sexual experiences led them to the decision that as long as both of them were present at the time, nothing or no one would be considered off limits.

This was the best decision they have made so far in their marriage, they were each able to live-out their sexual fantasies and soon found out that watching their spouse being turned on and satisfied by friends, and complete strangers just made the sex they had together more explosive.

All was great, until one night while being turned on by watching is wife seduce and sexually manipulate a couple of college jocks, he made a terrible mistake.  One that could cost him everything!  Now he knew things must change, but would his lovely wife Alexis agree?


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